1th European Industry and Research Exchange on Technical Textile

Download: Agenda 2018 - Circular Economy and Recycling of Technical Textiles

Agenda: Wednesday 17th October 2018

EUTT 2018 Start

Stefan Schmidt
Department Manager Technical Textiles, IVGT e.V., Germany

Markus Regenstein
Chairman, Technical Textiles department and board member at IVGT e.V., Germany
CEO, Penn Textiles Solutions, Germany
CEO, Penn Italia, Italy

Lutz Walter
CEO, The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (ETP), Belgium + EU

Johannes Diebel
Head of Research, Forschungskuratorium Textil e.V. (FKT), Germany

RESYNTEX - A new circular economy concept - from textile waste towards chemical and textile industries feedstock
Lutz Walter
CEO, The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (ETP), Belgium + EU

EUTT 2018 Session 1

Dr. Isabel de Schrijver
R&D Manager "Plastic Characterisation, Processing & Recycling", Centexbel, Belgium

Dr. Erik Perzon
Senior Scientist - Sustainable Textiles, Centre for Textile Recycling, SWEREA IVF, Sweden

Transformation of textile waste into resources for high performance technical textiles.
Pascal Denizart
CEO, CETI - Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants, France

EUTT 2018 Session 2

WECYCLED ® - Real added value for weaving mills and our partners in the textile chain
Ernst Grimmelt
CEO, Velender Textile GmbH, Germany

Corona Bregenzer
Head of Marketing, Lauffenmühle GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Think and act the sustainably - The Lenzing way - What does circular economy mean for a cellulosic fibre producer
Marina Crnoja-Cosic
Head of Technical Textiles, Lenzing AG, Austria

EUTT 2018 Session 3

Recycling of Polyester and Polyamid Fibre Waste – Past Research, Current Research and Outlook
Martin Pelzer
Researcher man-made-fibre technique, ITA Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen, Germany

wear-2-wear, circulation system for workwear and protective clothing and criteria for spinning Technicians and users of PA / PES recycling fibers
Friederike Schmid
Head of Marketing, TWD Fibres GmbH, Germany

Jens Oelerich
Researcher, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Frank Gähr
Head of Textile Chemistry – DITF Deutsche Institute für Textil+Faserforschung, Germany

EUTT 2018 Session 4

Challenges in the Recycling of Technical Textiles – Some Examples from the DITF
Thomas Fischer
Deputy Head Management Research - DITF Deutsche Institute für Textil+Faserforschung, Germany

Marcel Hofman
Research Head Textile Lightweight Construction, STFI - Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut, Germany

Practical technologies for the development of fiber-based high-performance structuresm of recycled carbon fibers and thermoplastic fibers for the cost-effective serial production of lightweight structures with high performance
Mir Mohammad Badrul Hasan
Researcher, ITM Institut of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology at the Technical University Dresden, Germany

Download: Survey Result + Photo from 1st EUTT